Cirque du Soleil – Amaluna, Deeda (lead clown), North American Tour
Cirque du Soleil – Banana Shpeel, Margaret (lead character), New York City & Toronto
Cirque du Soleil – Zumanity, Ginger (lead Clown), Las Vegas
The Final Reel, Evil Step Monster Louisa, Parallel Exit NYC
Grease, Miss Lynch, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
As You Like It, Lady Amiens/Audrey, ANON Productions, Central Park NYC
I ♥ Bob, Libby T. Grump, Parallel Exit, NYC
Harvey, Nurse Kelly, International Theatre, Vienna
The Trip to Bountiful, Thelma, International Theatre, Vienna
A Christmas Carol, Belle, Fundus Theatre, Vienna
Young People’s Concert, Vocalist, Fantasy Theatre, Sacramento
Alice In Wonderland, Alice, California State Fair
Suspects Comedy Improv Theatre, Prudence, Northern Cal & Nevada
Colors Of The World, Studio Theatre, Sacramento
The Imaginary Invalid, Toinette, American River Theatre


List available on request.


A Clean Well Lighted Place, Thelma (star), Dir. David Oca
Kitchen, Judy (star), Dir. Sean O’Brien
Kaiser Permanente, Non-compliant Patient (star), Dynamic Innovations
The Waiting Room, Grim Reaper (star), Dir. Dennis Glasco
Revenge, Wife (star), Dir. Sean O’Brien
Cash Cow, Neurotic Reporter, Dir. Creighton/Reuler
Walk The Walk, Best Friend (co-star), Zany Pictures – Dir. M. Tsihlas
Rescue Me, Student (supporting), Cannon/MGM – Dir. A. Seidelman


Happy Cows Campaign (v/o), Mabel and Sadie (cows), California Dairy Board
Sketch Comedy, pilot, (Multiple comedic roles), Dir. Scott Miller
Manhunt International, pilot, (co-star), Dir. Randy Bond
Unsolved Mysteries, Nurse, (co-star), Cosgrove/Meurer Productions
Roys Exotic Pet Jamboree, (co-Host), Eagle Media Productions


Happy Cows/Its the Cheese, (Mabel and Sadie), California Dairy Board
Panda Express, Star (4 roles), Martin Lauber
Reading Sparkers Gameboard, (Cheery Female Instructor), James Mandell
Pet Vet, Star (10 roles), James Mandell
Somedays Dreamers, Angela (co-star), Mariana Malkoskie
Firestorm, Laura (co-star), Lucy and Ruth Media Concepts

***Demo Reel avail upon request***


Scott Sedita – On Camera Comedy Sitcom Training
The Groundlings,  Patrick Bristow and Jeremy Rowley – Improv
Voice Media, Susan McCollom – Voice Over Techniques
Larry Moss – Coaching Dialects
B Street Players,  Buck and Timothy Busfield –  Theatrical Performance

Special Skills

Improv, Speed Talker, Professional Screamer, Firearms Friendly, Ballroom Dancing, Basic Piano, Horseback Riding (western & english saddles), Good with Children & All Animals, Restraining Elephant Seals,Dog Handling, Snake Handling (non-venomous), Geography (very well travelled)

Dialects and Accents

USA: Upper Mid-Western/North Midland, Southwestern, Coastal/Gulf Southern, Pacific Southwest, Southern Appalachian. Globally: Berliner/Munchen, Eastern European, RP/Cockney/Liverpudlian, Northern/Southern Dubliner, Glasgow/Edinburgh


Conversational German